Today is Day 3 of the California YangGang’s California Data Privacy Series and it is the “Day of Action” where the focus shifts to the practical steps on how we as California residents can take back control of our data. Day 3 highlights include:

  • Make sure you’re registered to vote;
  • Tell 3 Californians about Prop 24 and tell them to Vote Yes on Prop 24;
  • Sign up for DDP and tell your friends;
  • Follow @ddpforall and @yeson24 on Twitter; and
  • Share why data privacy matters to you on social media.

Click on the image below to learn more!

How to Get Involved with Prop 24

Besides following the actions above, you can also get more involved with Prop 24! You can request a lawn sign, volunteer to text and/or work a phone bank, donate to Prop 24, Tweet your support, etc. Visit our Take Action page to sign up! Or got to the bottom of this page or click the image below to contact us with ways you want to help us!

Also check out this video below from Alastair Mactaggart, Chair of Californians for Consumer Privacy, to learn more on how you can get involved with Prop 24:

And remember, Vote Yes on Privacy and Vote Yes on Prop 24!