Each day Prop 24 is gaining more and more supporters from groups and individuals who want to strengthen California privacy rights, protect kids’ online privacy rights and hold big corporations accountable when they violate our fundamental privacy rights. Below is a partial listing or click here for a printable version.

National and State Leaders

“Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before, and tech corporations are already lining up to undermine the CCPA. It’s up to us to protect consumers and strengthen our privacy rights to global standards. Our data should be ours no matter what platforms and apps we use. That’s why I hope California voters will join me in supporting Prop 24 by voting YES in November.”

Andrew Yang
Presidential Candidate (D), Entrepreneur and Founder of Humanity Forward

“Prop 24 is a monumental step in expanding and enshrining privacy rights for consumers. I hope California voters will join me in voting YES on 24 to take back their fundamental privacy rights and give consumers the tools necessary to hold corporations accountable for collecting and misusing our most personal information.”

Rep. Ro Khanna
U.S. Representative representing CA-17, including most of Silicon Valley

“I urge California voters to join me in the fight to protect consumers by voting YES on Prop 24, the California Privacy Rights Act. Prop 24 will hold corporations accountable when they sell and misuse our private information. It will set the national standard for consumer privacy laws, and California voters should send that message loud and clear by voting YES on Prop 24.”

Eleni Kounalakis
California Lieutenant Governor

“Prop 24 will protect our most personal information, including our race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. It also triples fines against big corporations for violating our kids’ data. Please join me in supporting Prop 24 to give Californians back control over our own data.”

Betty Yee
California State Controller

“Prop 24 will provide strong protections against online racial profiling. I urge voters to join me in voting YES on Prop 24.”

Mayor London Breed
City of San Francisco

“The need for stronger privacy laws becomes clearer every day with the world’s largest corporations collecting and sharing more and more of our private information and that of our kids. That’s why I’m asking California voters to join me in voting YES on Prop 24, to strengthen privacy laws and to help protect our personal data.”

Mayor Libby Schaaf
Mayor of Oakland

“I have witnessed many attempts to weaken California’s privacy laws by deceptively named groups. Prop 24 protects sensitive personal information, children’s privacy, and helps stop identity theft. It’s even stronger than the California Consumer Privacy Act. Please vote YES on Prop 24.”

Senator Robert M. Hertzberg
California Senate Majority Leader and co-author, California Consumer Privacy Act

“We deserve the choice to protect our own personal information, and the tools to do so. Prop 24 does exactly that, it gives Californians the strongest protections in the nation over our own private data, and a real enforcement arm to hold corporations that violate our fundamental privacy rights accountable. Join me in voting YES on Prop 24”

Senator Nancy Skinner
California State Senator

“The number one way Californians can strengthen consumer privacy laws this year is to join me in voting YES on Prop 24 in November. The California Privacy Rights Act finally puts consumers in the driver’s seat with our own private information, while putting corporations on notice that they will be held accountable for misusing our data.”

Senator Ben Allen
California State Senator

“Corporations have spent the past two years working to unravel the rights we fought so hard to create, using deceptive tactics to undermine our privacy. That’s why today, I’m asking you to support the California Privacy Rights Act, Prop 24, on the November ballot.”

John Burton
Former Chair, California Democratic Party

California State Senators that support Prop 24 include Ben Allen, Jim Beall, Bill Dodd, Lena Gonzalez, Connie Leyva, Bill Monning, Nancy Skinner, Robert Hertzberg, Scott Wiener and Bob Wieckowski. California State Assemblyperson who support Prop 24 include Cecilia Aguiar-Curry and David Chiu. Other political leaders who support Prop 24 include Democratic Party Vice-Chair Alex Rooker, Democratic Part Vice-Chair Daraka Larimore Hall and California Democratic Party Secretary Jenny Bach.

Political clubs that support Prop 24 include the Democratic Party of Orange County, Santa Barbara County Democratic Party, Culver City Democratic Club, Miracle Mile Democratic Party, San Francisco Women’s Political Committee, Democratic Club of Santa Maria Valley and the California Peace & Freedom Party.arty.


Black Media Endorsements

Consumer Protection and Civil Society Groups

“Some of the biggest tech companies have refused to honor Californians’ requests to stop the disclosure of their information for behavioral advertising, and they’re lobbying for exemptions for these practices in other states. California consumers should use their power as citizens to vote for Proposition 24 to show that they will stand up for themselves when some companies and legislators won’t.”

Maureen Mahoney, Ph.D.
Policy Analyst, Consumer Reports

“Prop 24 allows consumers to stop companies from using online racial profiling to discriminate against them.”

Alice Huffman
President, California NAACP

“Under Prop 24, a consumer can limit the use of their sensitive information to stop Uber from profiling them based on race, stop Spotify from utilizing their precise geo-location and prevent Facebook from using their sexual orientation, health status or religion in its algorithms.”

Carmen Balber
Consumer Watchdog’s Executive Director

“As co-sponsors of the California Consumer Privacy Act, we are pleased to support Californians for Consumer Privacy on this measure, which will ensure Californians’ strong privacy rights are not weakened in the future”

James P. Steyer
Founder & CEO of Common Sense

Business, Technology and Privacy Leaders

“Prop 24, the California Privacy Rights Act, builds on and strengthens the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act. If passed, the law will give Californians among the best privacy protections in the world, and it includes provisions for its continuous strengthening against the relentless assaults of tech lobbyists. Prop 24 is necessary not because it is the last word, but because it is the right word today, ensuring that we continue to forge the path to a democratic digital future.”

Shoshana Zuboff
Professor Emerita at Harvard Business School

“Monopolies like Facebook and Google make enormous profits by using your private information to manipulate what you see online. Vote YES on PROP 24, to take back control over your most valuable commodity: your personal information.”

Paul Romer
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

“CPRA [Proposition 24] would make privacy management possible, and easier than ever. … CPRA is a unique, American vision for privacy, one that is rights-based but also uses the marketplace to create pro-privacy incentives and business models. It’s an enormous improvement on Californian’s existing privacy rights.”

Chris Hoofnagle
Professor of Law, UC Berkeley

“Privacy regulations alone will not be enough to fix what is wrong with internet platforms – we require safety regulations and antitrust intervention, as well – but is a necessary part of the solution. Proposition 24 is the essential complement that delivers most of what CCPA originally promised. Please join me in voting YES on Prop 24 to strengthen consumer privacy laws in California.”

Roger McNamee
Author of Zucked and noted Silicon Valley investor

“I support Prop 24, which would be the strongest, most effective privacy legislation ever passed in this country. I urge Californians to vote yes on Prop 24, and for other states to follow this lead in their pursuits of consumer protection.”

Brittany Kaiser
Co-Founder of Own Your Data Foundation, data privacy advocate and Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

“For the first time, we will have a legal definition of “cross-context behavioral advertising”, and a legal framework that allows publishers to use their own (“first-party”) data but limits the tech industry’s ability to steal publishers’ audiences and their data. I contributed to the text of [Prop 24], and I believe that it will materially improve everybody’s privacy and will help publishers too.”

Johnny Ryan
Senior Fellow, Irish Council for Civil Liberties

“Unlike in Las Vegas, what happens in California doesn’t stay in California. California leads the nation in environmental protection, automobile safety, and now, data privacy. Please join me in voting YES on Prop 24 to enshrine privacy rights for every Californian and raise the bar for the rest of the nation. “

Ashkan Soltani
Former FTC Chief Technologist & White House Senior Advisor

“If Prop 24 passes, it will become a permanent baseline for California privacy law increasing the already demanding requirements and potentially redefine informational privacy for the entire U.S.”

Lydia F. de le Torre
Adjunct Professor at Santa Clara Law School

“I believe Prop 24 would get California on par with the EU’s GDPR and that in turn could act as a spur to a Federal law.  Please Vote Yes on Prop 24.”

Tom Kemp
CEO and Co-Founder of Multiple Tech Companies

Other privacy experts who support Prop 24 include Marc Rotenberg (former Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center).

Community and Labor Organizations

Community and Labor organizations that support Prop 24 include the following:

Education and Healthcare Leaders

“Prop 24 not only protects our children’s most private information such as health status, race, sexual orientation, and religion, it also triples fines for these egregious violations of privacy and requires consent before selling the information of kids under 16. Prop 24 creates a way to manage what’s being collected about our kids, who’s buying and selling it, and where it’s going.”

Dr. Lisa Strohman
JD, PhD, Founder & Director of Digital Citizen Academy

“It is urgent that we pass bold privacy policy to protect our kids. As a school board member and an expert in crimes against children- Prop 24 is the right way to go. We can protect the privacy of our students and make sure violations are enforced. We have no agency to administer our privacy laws and Prop 24 would put that in place. Join me and children’s advocates throughout California in saying yes on 24.”

Valerie Amezcua
Vice President of the Santa Ana Unified School District

“Stop businesses using your most personal health information without your permission. Vote yes on Prop 24.”

Brad Jacobs
MD, Past Chair, Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

“Kids are spending so much time online this year! Protect them by voting YES on Prop. 24, which triples fines for violating children’s privacy.”

Alex Traverso
President, Theodore Judah PTA

Other Education and Healthcare leaders that support Prop 24 include Dianna MacDonald (former President of the California State PTA) and Dianna MacDonald (Sonoma County Commissioner on the Status of Women, Commissioner for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and former (2017-2019) President of the California State PTA).

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