SACRAMENTO, CA — Today the Yes On Prop 24/California Privacy Rights Act Campaign announced an important endorsement from U.S. Representative Ro Khanna (CA-17), who has pioneered efforts to create consumer protections online, including as the author of the first-in-the-nation Internet Bill of Rights. 

Khanna, who represents a large swath of Silicon Valley, also served as national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign.

“Prop 24 is a monumental step in expanding and enshrining privacy rights for consumers,” said Congressman Khanna. “I hope California voters will join me in voting YES on 24 to take back their fundamental privacy rights and give consumers the tools necessary to hold corporations accountable for collecting and misusing our most personal information.”

“California continues to lead the nation in consumer protections online, and Prop 24 will set the bar for the rest of the nation to follow suit,” Khanna added.    

The Yes on Prop 24 campaign is proud to have the endorsement Consumer Watchdog,Common Sense MediaCalifornia NAACPCalifornia Professional FirefightersAFSCME CaliforniaUA Local 38 Plumbers and PipefittersCalifornia State Building & Construction Trades Council, International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21 (Bay Area)privacy advocates and more than 930,000 Californians who signed to support the measure on the November ballot.

The California Privacy Rights Act would: 

  1. Protect your most personal information, by allowing you to prevent businesses from using or sharing sensitive information about your health, finances, race, ethnicity, and precise location;
  2. Safeguard young people, TRIPLING FINES for violations involving children’s information;
  3. Put new limits on companies’ collection and use of our personal information;
  4. Establish an enforcement arm—the California Privacy Protection Agency—to defend these rights and hold companies accountable, and extend enforcement including IMPOSING PENALTIES FOR NEGLIGENCE resulting in theft of consumers’ emails and passwords;
  5. MAKE IT MUCH HARDER TO WEAKEN PRIVACY in California in the future, by preventing special interests and politicians from undermining Californians’ privacy rights, while allowing the Legislature to amend the law to further the primary goal of strengthening consumer privacy to better protect you and your children, such as opt-in for use of data, further protections for uniquely vulnerable minors, and greater power for individuals to hold violators accountable.

Recent polling by Goodwin Simon Strategic Research (July 27-31) shows that Californians overwhelmingly support Prop 24, as detailed in the November voter guide, with over 81% of likely California voters saying they will support the measure.