As we get under 50 days before the election, things are heating up as campaigns across the Nation and States ramp up. This is also true of California Proposition 24 — the California Privacy Rights Act — as the momentum behind Prop 24 continues to grow.

LA Times Endorsement

On September 15th, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board endorsed Prop 24, clearly saying that they believe that the new privacy rights that Prop 24 delivers would be a net benefit to Californians. i.e. the LA Times gave a big Yes to Privacy. The International Association of Privacy Professions (IAPP) noted in a write up of the Prop 24 endorsement by the LA Times that the Times found “the bill to be an improvement over the California Consumer Privacy Act, noting it is closer to the text of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.”

Betty Yee Joins the Growing “Yes on 24” Chorus

On September 16th, the Yes Campaign for Prop 24 got another major endorsement, this time by California State Controller Betty Yee. Yee noted the focus of Prop 24 in protecting kids online privacy while reducing corporations’ ability to discriminate based on sensitive personal data collected, such as race and ethnicity and sexual orientation.

#YangGang and #Kumail

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang continued discussing his support for Prop 24 and engaging with California-based #YangGang to support Prop 24. His discussion of Prop 24 and protecting personal data even came up in a conversation with comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani (star of Silicon Valley) and led Kumail to state that he too is a “Yes on 24.” You can listen to the interview by clicking below …

The Financial Times Weighs In

On September 16, the Financial Times came out with an insightful article on the potential impact of Prop 24 on EU-US data sharing. The FT noted that

“… other factors may also come into play as companies seek to reboot the US-EU data-sharing framework. Voters in California will have a chance to weigh in because there is a new initiative on the November ballot in the US’s most populous state — the California Privacy Rights Act — which aligns closely with existing EU data protection law. …  

If the CPRA’s robust privacy protections were allied with an amended, or entirely new, executive order, the combination could provide an effective answer to the ECJ’s privacy concerns. It would also be a quick route to restoring a transatlantic data-sharing process that would bring significant relief to many boardrooms.”

 The FT concluded that passage of Prop 24 would “enshrine data transparency” for Californians.

Upcoming Webinar!

We would be remiss to mention that Prop 24 is the star of an upcoming webinar on 10/1! Hear directly from the proponent of Prop 24 — Alastair Mactaggart, Founder and Chair of Californians for Consumer Privacy — on the following topics:

* how Prop 24 is “Version 2” of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that he championed;
* the new privacy rights Prop 24 gives Californians;
* how Prop 24 specifically safeguards kids’ online privacy;
* how CPRA compares to Europe’s GDPR privacy law, and
* what Prop 24 means for privacy rights in California and beyond.

Click here or on the image below to register!

And Some More Blogs Too!

This week we published a more blogs: Who is the Main Proponent of Prop 24? and a discussion of Prop 24 and Small Business. Check both of them out! Speaking of blogs, check out why this tech entrepreneur is also a Why Vote Yes on Prop 24.

And remember … Vote Yes on Privacy and Vote Yes on Prop 24!