Opponents of Prop 24 will make blanket claims that Prop 24 hurts small businesses.  That is not a true statement, as frankly the vast majority of small businesses would not have to comply with the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) if Prop 24 passes this November.  This blog will explain why, or you can simply watch this 1 minute below to get the answer!

Who is Really Regulated?

The fact is that Prop 24 only covers businesses that buy and sell your information, or big huge businesses.  There are 3 tests for whether a business even has to comply with CPRA.

  1. Over $25,000,000 in annual revenue in the preceding year
  • Buys, sells or shares the personal information of at least 100,000 consumers a year
  • Makes more than 50% of its revenue from selling personal information.

Which basically means that CPRA only covers big businesses or data brokers.  Your corner dry cleaner, flower store or book shop is not covered (unless they are buying information about you or taking your personal information and selling it at a large scale).


The reality is that Prop 24 is about empowering individual Californians and giving them needed privacy rights in our digital age. 

First and foremost, Prop 24 safeguards our children’s online privacy by tripling fines for collecting and selling our children’s personal information. 

Second, Prop 24 creates new rights to limit use of our most sensitive personal information, including about our health or finances, or knowing and selling our location without our knowledge or consent.

We urge you to Vote Yes on Prop 24 to better protect our kids’ online privacy, reduce Identity theft, and give you the important privacy rights to take back control over your personal data.