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Opinion: Give Consumers Back Their Power Over Data Breaches

The downside to the convenience online technology offers comes from information we share. The digital world is littered with online traps that make us vulnerable to data breaches that could compromise our most sensitive information — or worse. That’s why I am asking you to vote YES on Proposition 24 – to help consumers take back control of our own data, and provide enforcement against data breaches …

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Opinion: Protect your privacy rights by voting yes on California’s Prop. 24

A new initiative, Proposition 24, would help address significant problems with the law’s implementation and enforcement, and we urge consumers to vote “yes.” These proposed reforms would close some of the worst loopholes that companies have exploited to deny consumers’ opt-out requests, better ensuring that consumers can exercise their privacy rights …

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Proposition 24 puts power back in the hands of consumers

One of the most important decisions Californian voters have will not be concerning who gets voted into office. Instead, it will be a vote on a ballot proposition concerning the future of privacy in the digital era. Proposition 24 is a monumental leap forward in securing desperately needed privacy regulations on tech and data firms that ultimately places power back in the hands of consumers — and the people …

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