The Problem

The world’s largest corporations are buying and selling your most personal information, often without your knowledge or permission. They track every place you’ve ever visited, every private online search you’ve ever made, and even collect private health information about you and your family. They also sell that information to third parties who make decisions about your credit score, your insurance choices and more. Many of these companies are trying to undermine the basic rights afforded by the California Consumer Privacy Act, and we need a real enforcement arm to protect our rights.

The Solution

Support the California Privacy Rights Act in November 2020 to give you the power to take back control over your personal information, expand CCPA’s consumer rights, create more transparency and establish an enforcement arm to protect these rights.

“I believe that now is the time to move forward and build on the progress we have already made. Having seen the attempts to weaken what I see as a fundamental human right, I believe it is time to permanently enshrine these rights. I look forward to making this case to the people of California, who so often lead the way for our country in breaking new ground.”

Alastair Mactaggart
Founder and Board Chair, Californians for Consumer Privacy

Results from a Statewide Survey of California Voters Conducted by Goodwin Simon Strategic Research:


Would support a ballot measure that requires businesses to obtain your consent before selling your sensitive personal information, like your health or financial information.


Would vote YES to support a ballot measure expanding privacy protections for consumers’ personal information.


Would support a ballot measure that prohibits businesses from collecting children’s personal information without their parent’s or guardian’s consent.

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