Only 25 more days to election day, but ballots in California have already been mailed out, so we are now in election season, with many voters already sending in their ballots. Prop 24 continues to gather momentum with the latest poll numbers showing 77% support. Articles in Vox and WIRED this past week also documented the critical need for Prop 24. And at the beginning of the week we had an important panel discussion with privacy experts and the release of a “Prop 24” rap by fans of Prop 24. Let’s drill down into each of the highlights!

Prop 24 Shows 77% Support

On October 6th the Yes on Prop 24 campaign released polling results from Goodwin Simon Strategic Research showing that voters continue to overwhelmingly support California Proposition 24, the California Privacy Rights Act, on the November ballot, with 77% of likely voters saying they will vote YES on the Prop 24 ballot measure.  This follows on the heels of two earlier polls showing widespread support for Prop 24. The last poll by the Yes on 24 campaign had support at 81% support in late July.

Privacy Panel Discussion Featuring Prop 24

Day 2 of the California YangGang’s California Data Privacy Series featured an all-star panel of experts who discussed consumer privacy and Prop 24. The moderator for this event was none other than Andrew Yang, former presidential candidate and founder of Humanity Forward, who is a big supporter of Prop 24. The expert panelists included:

Check out the replay of this great panel discussion below!

The panel featured the worldwide premier of the Prop 24 Rap that was created by our friends and supporters at Humanity Forward (a non-profit continuing the movement inspired by Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential Campaign and making its core ideas a reality) and the volunteers with California #YangGang.

Here is the extended version / throw down:

Prop 24 Webinar Replay Posted

The replay of the well attended Prop 24 webinar was posted this past week as well. Topics covered included:

  • How Prop 24 is “Version 2” of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA);
  • The new privacy rights that Prop 24 gives us Californians;
  • How Prop 24 specifically safeguards kids’ online privacy;
  • How CPRA compares to Europe’s GDPR privacy law; and
  • What Prop 24 means for privacy rights in California and beyond.

Here is the webinar in its entirety:

Important Articles Published Featuring Prop 24

This past week we saw articles published in Vox, Wired and the Observer that highlighted the need for Prop 24. Check them out on our news page by clicking the image below.

Take Action and Get Involved with Prop 24

Want a lawn sign to show support? Or want to work a phone back or text voters. Let us know by contacting us here. To close of this blog, here are some pixs of some Yes on Prop 24 lawn signs we have seen around our great State of California!

Feel free to share your Yes on Prop 24 lawn sign pixs with the hashtag #Prop24 ! And remember to vote early, vote for privacy, and vote Yes on Prop 24!