Courtesy of our friends and supporters at Humanity Forward (a non-profit continuing the movement inspired by Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential Campaign and making its core ideas a reality) and the volunteers with California #YangGang, we are pleased to present the Prop 24 Rap. This rap was done in conjuction with the #CADataPrivacySeries with the Day 3 “Day of Action.”

Please share and socialize any of your dance moves to this rap with the hashtag #DataPrivacyDance and we will in turn share them too!

Andrew Yang is co-chair of the Yes on 24 campaign, and approves of Prop 24 and, more important, he approves this rap song’s message!

Here is the extended version / throw down:

And here is the standard version (just 30 seconds):

Enjoy and be sure to share your dance moves with the hashtag #DataPrivacyDance !

One last thing: Vote Yes on Privacy and Vote Yes on Prop 24 !!