About the California Consumer Privacy Act

Your personal information is being sold to businesses you don’t even know exist.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will give you important new consumer privacy rights to take back control of your personal information, including:

  1. Right to know ALL data collected by a business on you, twice a year, free of charge.
  2. Right to say NO to the sale of your information.
  3. Information Security: Right to sue companies who collected your data, where that data was stolen or disclosed pursuant to an unauthorized data breach, if the company was careless or negligent about how it protected your data (i.e. if the data was unencrypted, un-redacted, or the company didn’t have reasonable security policies and procedures in place to protect it).  Identity Theft needs to be curbed!
  4. Right to DELETE data you have posted.
  5. Right not to be discriminated against if you tell a company not to sell your personal information.
  6. Right to be informed of what categories of data will be collected about you prior to its collection/at point of collection, and to be informed of any changes to this collection.
  7. Mandated opt-in before sale of children’s information (under the age of 16).
  8. Right to know the categories of third parties with whom your data is shared
  9. Right to know the categories of sources of information from whom your data was acquired.
  10. Right to know the business or commercial purpose of collecting your information.

Enforcement is via a private right of action (consumer lawsuits) for data breaches, with the rest of the act subject to enforcement by the California Attorney General, at up to $2,500 per violation.

In short, the California Consumer Privacy Act will accomplish the following three major goals:

  1. You will have the right to know what information large corporations are collecting about you...and you should. Businesses use your personal information for their own purposes, including targeting you with ads, discriminating against you based on price or service level, and compiling your information into an extensive electronic file on you.  You should be able to know what’s being collected about you.
  2. You will have the right to tell a business not to share or sell your personal information...and you should. California law has not kept pace with changing business practices. Businesses not only know where you live and how many children you have, but also how fast you drive, your personality, sleep habits, health and financial information, current location, web browsing history, to name just a few things.
  3. You will have the right to protections against businesses which do not uphold the value of your privacy...and you should. Businesses that collect your sensitive personal information should take basic steps to keep it safe. Right now there are no consequences if they don’t, and this law will introduce some consequences.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will give you these important new rights on January 1, 2020.

It’s your personal information. Take back control!

If you’ve come to our site from a search engine like Google or a social platform like Facebook, your information is possibly being collected, tracked, and shared by them. Learn more.