About the California Consumer Privacy Act

Your personal information is being sold to businesses you don’t even know exist.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will give you important new consumer privacy rights to take back control of your personal information. 

This November 2018 ballot measure says:

You have the right to tell a business not to share or sell your personal information.

...or at least you should. California law has not kept pace with changing business practices. Businesses not only know where you live and how many children you have, but also how fast you drive, your personality, sleep habits, health and financial information, current location, web browsing history, to name just a few things.

You have the right to know where and to whom your data is being sold or disclosed.

...but until you do, businesses will continue to use your personal information for their own purposes, including targeting you with ads, discriminating against you based on price or service level, and compiling your information into an extensive electronic file on you.

You have the right to protections against businesses who do not uphold the value of your privacy.

Passing the California Consumer Privacy Act will give you these rights. It’s your personal information. Take back control!


For more information on the California Consumer Privacy Act, read the full initiative or the official Title and Summary.
Full InitiativeTitle and Summary
If you’ve come to our site from a search engine like Google or a social platform like Facebook, your information is possibly being collected, tracked, and shared by them. Learn more and/or opt-out of some sharing on CAPrivacy.org.
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