Verizon Drops Opposition to California Consumer Privacy Act; Joins Facebook in Doing an “About Face” on Privacy Initiative

May 4, 2018

California Ballot Measure Empowers Consumers to Take Back Control of Personal Information


Google, AT&T and Comcast Continue to Fund Opposition to Basic Privacy Protections


Sacramento, CA – Today, Verizon announced that it is dropping its opposition to the California Consumer Privacy Act, a November ballot measure that would provide basic protections for consumers and their personal information. Verizon follows Facebook’s withdrawal from the opposition campaign last month. Other corporations accused of major privacy violations are still funding opposition to the measure, including Google, AT&T, and Comcast. 


“Though they’re extremely late to the party, we’re glad to see that Verizon is joining Facebook in dropping its opposition to the California Consumer Privacy Act, and we encourage the other major corporations still funding the anti-consumer Super PAC to stop opposing these common-sense reforms as well,” said Californians for Consumer Privacy Chief Proponent Alastair Mactaggart. “It’s clear that these corporations are realizing that being anti-consumer and against basic privacy rights is bad for business.”


“We’re sending them an endorsement card in the mail,” added Mactaggart. “If they truly care about consumer privacy, we look forward to getting it back signed, sealed and delivered.”   


The California Consumer Privacy Act cleared a major hurdle yesterday and submitted 625,000 signatures statewide as part of the qualification process for the November 2018 ballot. 



About the California Consumer Privacy Act:

The California Consumer Privacy Act on the ballot in November 2018 establishes new, groundbreaking consumer privacy rights and empowers consumers to take back control over their personal information.

The California Consumer Privacy Act is supported by Californians for Consumer Privacy, a coalition of consumer advocacy groups, business owners, technology experts, activists, and parents. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act will allow California consumers:


  1. To see what categories of their personal information large businesses collect about them;
  2. To tell those corporations to stop selling their personal information, and to not discriminate against them for making that choice (i.e. the company couldn’t then refuse service, or increase prices); and
  3. To hold businesses accountable to victims of data breaches when they are reckless with Californians’ personal information.



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