March Newsletter: Protecting Privacy Rights for Californians

March 15, 2019

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This month, Californians for Consumer Privacy continued to raise awareness from coast to coast about the importance of the California Consumer Privacy Act and the urgency of establishing the law as the floor – not the ceiling – of consumer privacy rights in California.

Thanks to your support, we're well on our way to ensuring Californians continue to have the strongest consumer privacy protections in the nation, and paving the way for everyone else to take back control of their personal information.


– Californians for Consumer Privacy

In Case You Missed It

Click here to see a clip of Senator Blumenthal and Alastair Mactaggart before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee:


“I was aware when I withdrew the initiative that that would open us up to the possibility of change, both bad and good,” Mactaggart said to a panel of lawmakers this month. “I believe you guys are going to do a great job defending this bill, and making sure that when it goes into effect next year it’s a great bill for California and for the world.”


"This is a fast-moving and complicated area,"[Alastair Mactaggart] said. "I think we're in good shape right now. There are a couple of cleanup items that do need to get addressed ... and I've never been someone who said this is the last word, because we're in an ongoing relationship between we the people and this new technology that's come along."

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