Los Angeles Times Editorial: "Facebook says it's open to some privacy regulation. Here’s where to start"

April 13, 2018

What's missing is a baseline set of rules to ensure that all online sites, services and apps reveal what they're collecting and why, and give people a meaningful say over whether and with whom their data is shared — in plain English. That sort of transparency and control isn't a threat to the advertiser-supported internet; users will no doubt continue to trade away some element of their privacy for content and services they value. But that exchange should be fair and fully informed, rather than simply an engine for the multibillion-dollar data-brokering business.

Concerns about privacy cross the political spectrum, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal presents Congress an opportunity to act. If it doesn't, it can expect to see more states take up measures like the Consumer Right to Privacy Act, a measure that proponents are trying to put on the California ballot in November

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