LA Times: Amazon, AT&T, Google and other companies say they'd support privacy laws, but there's a catch

September 29, 2018

Alastair Mactaggart, a real estate developer who helped spearhead California’s new consumer privacy law, said in a statement that he opposes federal rules that would supersede California’s. The state will soon mandate that all consumers be able to see which businesses are using their data and be able to decline the sale of that information, among a host of other protections.

“To be clear: We will fight back against any attempts to undermine our state’s ability to provide these fundamental rights to California consumers, and will support further efforts to provide these rights to all Americans,” said Mactaggart, who is scheduled to meet with the Senate committee next month.

“We are on the right side of history here,” Mactaggart added. “Europe has just made huge strides forward in consumer privacy. And as goes California, so goes the nation.”

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