January Newsletter: Happy Data Privacy Day!

January 28, 2019


Happy Data Privacy Day! Today we celebrate the landmark law that is the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Californians for Consumer Privacy is hard at work protecting and expanding upon the progress we made by passing the most sweeping consumer privacy rights in the nation.

We continue to need your support to hold corporations accountable and ensure lawmakers understand the importance of this law.


– Californians for Consumer Privacy


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"Most notably, a San Francisco real estate developer named Alastair Mactaggart spent more than $3 million of his own money to gather signatures to place a consumer privacy initiative on California’s November ballot. The campaign led to intense negotiations in Sacramento and the adoption of a new and sweeping California Consumer Privacy Act. It’s a welcome development that brings comprehensive privacy protection to one of every eight residents in the United States."

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Financial Times: Lawmakers will have to balance ways companies can use data with people’s rights of privacy

Alastair Mactaggart, the real estate developer turned privacy activist whose campaign helped bring about the California act, said: “California was the catalyst for all this, without a doubt."

CalMatters: Privacy fight is far from over

Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara: “Ultimately, there has to be more disclosure. If we do anything, it is my hope is we move it forward.”


About | CA Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 established new, groundbreaking consumer privacy rights and empowers consumers to take back control over their personal information.

The California Consumer Privacy Act is supported by Californians for Consumer Privacy, a coalition of consumer advocacy groups, business owners, technology experts, activists, and parents.

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