How to stop Facebook accessing your data

March 19, 2018

"A bill passed by the House in February aims to hold websites accountable for what third parties host on their platforms. It’s one of the first to chip away at the protections big tech companies have in the U.S. Another ballot measure proposed in California for the 2018 elections requires companies to disclose exactly what data they collect and how it is handled...

When you give permission for games and other apps to access your Facebook account, third-party companies can often crawl your phone for more data, including your friends’ contact information. That’s how Cambridge Analytica allegedly retrieved the information of 50 million users from just a few hundred thousand people who opted to take a free personality quiz on Facebook."

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If you’ve come to our site from a search engine like Google or a social platform like Facebook, your information is possibly being collected, tracked, and shared by them. Learn more.