February Newsletter: California Privacy in the News

February 15, 2019

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This month, Californians for Consumer Privacy continued to be in the news for our work to protect consumer privacy rights in California and across the country.

Thanks to your support, we're well on our way to ensuring Californians continue to have the strongest consumer privacy protections in the nation, and paving the way for everyone else to take back control of their personal information.


– Californians for Consumer Privacy

In Case You Missed It

Photo: Calla Kessler / Special to The Chronicle
[Alastair Mactaggart] said repeated missteps by the tech industry, like the recent revelation that Facebook had created an app to collect personal data and was paying people, including teenagers, to use it, couldn’t offer “a better wind at my back.”

“The model’s there: California leads, the others follow,” Mactaggart said.

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Alastair Mactaggart featured in Foreign Policy's 2019 Global Thinkers

"After spending $3.5 million to put a tech privacy initiative on the ballot in California, in 2018 Alastair Mactaggart’s group Californians for Consumer Privacy withdrew the measure. Mactaggart had already convinced lawmakers to sign on to his cause: a landmark new privacy law that would allow citizens to review personal data collected by Facebook, Google, and others and to stop its use for commercial purposes."

Sacramento Bee: The CCPA '"will allow Californians to ask businesses to delete their information."

“We are so pleased that Governor Newsom is at the forefront of leaders recognizing that California consumers are fed up with being presented with no choice about what happens to their data, and forced to stand by and watch it sold to hundreds of companies they’ve never heard of, for uses they’d never approve,” MacTaggart said.

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