California Consumer Privacy Act Qualifies for November Ballot

June 26, 2018

County Registrars Certify Signatures for Ballot Initiative to Empower Californians to Take Back Control of Personal Information

Sacramento, Calif. – According to numbers certified by county registrars, the California Consumer Privacy Act has qualified for the November 2018 ballot. Simultaneously, a bill supported by Californians for Consumer Privacy with similar privacy protections is advancing through the California Legislature.

“We are thrilled that the California Consumer Privacy Act has qualified for the November ballot, and grateful to California voters for showing their support for fundamental privacy rights for consumers,” said Alastair Mactaggart, Chief Proponent of the California Consumer Privacy Act and Chairman of Californians for Consumer Privacy. “California now has two opportunities to empower consumers to take back control of our personal information: one sits before the California Legislature, and the other can now appear on the ballot. We look forward to either the Legislature’s successful passage of AB 375 this week or continuing our initiative campaign through November. We’re heartened by the momentum behind these endeavors, and the protections that both efforts seek to provide for consumers and our children.”

Last month, Californians for Consumer Privacy submitted nearly 630,000 signatures to qualify the California Consumer Privacy Act, far exceeding the required 365,880 signatures. County results of the initiative’s qualification can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.

Californians for Consumer Privacy supports AB 375 (Chau, Hertzberg), a legislative effort to give Californians similar privacy protections to the initiative.

Californians for Consumer Privacy has agreed to withdraw the California Consumer Privacy Act ballot initiative if AB 375 passes as introduced on June 22, and is signed by the governor into law before the deadline to withdraw the initiative on June 28.

Last week, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, the Center for Digital Democracy and the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood joined Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of California, Duck Duck Go, Consumer Action and other privacy-focused organizations and businesses in officially endorsing the California Consumer Privacy Act.

About the California Consumer Privacy Act:

The California Consumer Privacy Act on the ballot in November 2018 establishes new, groundbreaking consumer privacy rights and empowers consumers to take back control over their personal information.

The California Consumer Privacy Act is supported by Californians for Consumer Privacy, a coalition of consumer advocacy groups, business owners, technology experts, activists and parents.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will allow California consumers:

  • To see what categories of their personal information large businesses collect about them;
  • To tell those corporations to stop selling their personal information, and to not discriminate against them for making that choice (i.e. the company couldn’t then refuse service, or increase prices); and
  • To hold businesses accountable to victims of data breaches when they are reckless with Californians’ personal information. 


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