ACTION ALERT: Your consumer privacy rights are under attack.

May 14, 2019

The California Consumer Privacy Act is under attack.

There is a bill currently moving through the California Legislature that will undermine the CCPA, which was signed into law last summer giving Californians unprecedented consumer protections. This bill to dismantle major elements of the law is AB 1416 (Cooley).

The CCPA specifically allows businesses to share data with law enforcement, pursuant to an investigation. AB 1416 (Cooley) pretends this exception isn't in the law, and would allow any business to collect any information about you, to retain it even though you told the business to delete it, and to sell it to a government agency even though you'd told the business not to sell it. We are not all safer if all of our information can be collected and sold to any government agency at any time.

This piece of legislation is a wolf in sheep's clothing, creating exemptions from several of the consumer protections that California passed last year.

We're asking California consumers to make your voices heard and tell your state representatives, "Don't dismantle the California Consumer Privacy Act. Vote NO on AB 1416."

Click here to find your state representatives

Call your state representative to say:

I'm calling to urge my representative to vote "NO" on AB 1416 by Assemblymember Cooley because it will dismantle my privacy protections passed last year in the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Thank you for acting to protect the California Consumer Privacy Act.

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