It's your personal information. Take back control!

Do you know who owns your personal information?

Do you know how businesses make billions of dollars a year with your private data?

Do you realize how vulnerable your identity is to being bought, sold, and stolen?

The California Consumer Privacy Act, a statewide ballot proposition that will appear on the November ballot, establishes new, groundbreaking consumer privacy rights.

It empowers you to find out what information businesses are collecting about you and gives you the choice to tell businesses to stop selling your personal information.

Information Ownership

The right to tell a business not to share or sell your personal information.

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Information Control

The right to know what personal information is collected about you.

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Information Protection

Protections for consumers who are victims of negligent business practices resulting in security breaches of data.

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For more information on the California Consumer Privacy Act, read the full initiative or the official Title and Summary.
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