Opt Out of Tracking

We cannot stop your Internet Service Provider, your cell phone company, your browser, any major website, your phone apps, or anyone else that is likely tracking you right now from collecting and sharing your personal information.

The only way to ensure that you have control over your information is to pass the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). Under the CCPA, everyone will be required to respect your privacy and when a big corporation fails to protect your private information, there will be reasonable consequences.

We honor the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act. Furthermore, we do not and will not sell your information under any circumstances. Please be aware that if you decide to donate to the CCPA, we use a third-party service to process donations and political contributors are made publicly available by the Secretary of State.

We do use Facebook’s marketing services to improve our communications with you and California voters. If you would rather we not share your information with Facebook, click here:

In order for CAPrivacy.org to respect opt-out requests, we place a cookie in your browser. Any time you delete or clear your cookies, you will have to opt-out again.

It's your personal information. Here's how to take back control!

Today, there are thousands of companies that track your activity on and offline. Nearly every time you use your smartphone or the internet, and sometimes, even when you aren't, companies track and make money off your personal information.


For more information on the California Consumer Privacy Act, read the full initiative or the official Title and Summary.
Full InitiativeTitle and Summary
If you’ve come to our site from a search engine like Google or a social platform like Facebook, your information is possibly being collected, tracked, and shared by them. Learn more and/or opt-out of some sharing on CAPrivacy.org.
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